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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Nikolas Cruz: Another American Tragedy

IT IS NO SECRET THAT I AM NOT A MAN OF FAITH. I am not necessarily a true atheist in the purest sense of the word. I am simply one who does not proclaim to have the answer. But when we have an incident like the Las Vegas shooting, and the most recent school shooting in Florida, and untold numbers of multiple shootings that have occurred in the past, it always begs one lingering question for me.


I understand the argument that many Christians make about free will, and the forces of evil which drive madmen to construct and employ their mayhem. But I am still left with the thought that somehow, in some way, a God would intervene before innocent life is so violently left for dead.

Whenever something like this happens I am both saddened and sickened by it. It just seems so pointless to me. And it seems that there will always be a story to be retold time and time again.

Truly unfortunate in the course of these events as well is how many people, especially on the left, will immediately come out to proclaim that we need more gun control. Those of us who rely on logic to drive our thoughts and decision making know all too well that gun control is not the issue any more than the lack of it is the issue.

The simple truth is that what we need more of are responsible gun owners with concealed and open carry who can be welcomed into our everyday environments who could be armed and ready when the need arises.

You may not stop all deaths. But certainly someone with a gun can stop a madman with a gun much more quickly. The entire concept of a "gun free zone" has always been silly to me, at best. How does a rule or a sign stop a gun-toting maniac from entering a gun free zone with a gun? The travesty is that there may be responsible gun owners in the very classrooms being shot up who are hunkered under their desks while their guns are safely stowed in their cars in the parking lot.

What we also know about gun control in general is that when you put laws in place to make purchasing guns more difficult it only stops the responsible gun owner who will never shoot a soul. The criminals intent on creating mayhem will get their guns one way or the other. And let's bear in mind that the black market that gets created is also a very violent place.

Think back to the days of prohibition.

What else is truly sad here is that while so many on the left will make the discussion about the guns, what gets lost is the cause. We need to be open about what is happening in our society that causes people to do this sort of thing. Can you stop even that? Maybe not. But at least if there is a discussion on the issue, it's going to be a much more honest and productive one.

Whatever the case, all one can do is feel for the families who are dealing with, yet again, terrible tragedy and loss.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Quick Shout: Hollywood Just Needs to Can It About Russia

WHEN WILL IT END, I WONDER? I am to the breaking point when it comes to this continuing narrative by the MSM and some of these idiots in Hollywood that the Russians essentially stole the election from Hillary Clinton. The thing is that we all know all too well that the facts just DO NOT BEAR OUT. They are beating a dead horse. And it's just making them look even more foolish than we already knew they were.

YES, it has been acknowledged that the Russians did pay for some ads. But what influence would that ultimately have? I mean think about it. What influence did the fucking polls have on swaying republican voters that Donald Trump had no chance of becoming president to stay home?

This is just becoming tiring and stupid. Puerile is a word that also comes to mind.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome to the "Quick Shout" Segment

THE SPRINGBOARD WAS ALWAYS INTENDED TO BE AN OPINION DRIVEN RESPONSE. Thus, as the title suggests, a good many of the posts found here spring from something happening or something said, and The Springboard essentially is responding to that. It's never been intended to be journalistic, and never was intended to serve as a news source even if to some extent a good bit of the content is news driven.

There are already enough sites and blogs out there that intend to deliver news. Here, this blog responds to it. Over the years of my doing this blog that really has not changed.

One of my aims entering 2018, however, was to begin the process of increasing the content here, and make posts quite a bit more frequent. There are several ways I have begun to do this. And one of those ways is the introduction of a new "segment" of the blog I am calling Quick Shout.

As I have increased my participation on Twitter one frustration has always been that sometimes I'd like to have the opportunity to expand more in response to something that has been tweeted. While Twitter has obviously relaxed its character allowances among other things, it still can be rather limited.

Quick Shout allows me to respond directly to a Tweet, or some other thing, do it in a more expanded manner, but still keep it short and sweet.

It is not intended to become the blog. Regular posts will still be written as they were before. It is simply an addition to the blog content presented here. Most of the Quick Shout content will be geared to, and tied to Twitter. Why? Because its a great source for engaging discussions, and even retorts. And it offers a great source of material from which to springboard from and further those discussions in a more detailed, and lengthier fashion.

Why have I decided to incorporate Quick Shouts into the regular blog? To me, it seems one can become bogged down trying to manage too many blogs, and because the nature and general format of this new segment are quite in line with the purpose and intent of The Springboard, it just seems fitting to me to keep it here.

What I'd love to see with it is more engagement from my readers in the form of comments. One area that has been lacking here for whatever reason. The Springboard gets an enormous amount of activity. But for whatever reason has never driven comments.

I think it should be an interesting new area of the blog, and hopefully you'll agree. We'll see where it leads us—and perhaps over time, as most things do, it may even evolve a little bit.

Quick Shout: Due Process Seriously Lacking For Accused

All along since all of this began, or at least became notable with the Harvey Weinstein thing, I never once wanted to discredit the victims of unscrupulous men in Hollywood, or anywhere else for that matter. Molesters, rapists, and wife beaters should never be held above the law regardless of their social status, political affiliations, or how much money they have in their bank accounts. At the same time I have also felt that somewhere along the line we have indeed lost something in the way of due process. It seems to me that these days people can easily make an accusation, and once that accusation becomes public, true or not, in the eyes of many, and especially within the MSM, becomes a truth that can never be proven false regardless of what evidence may be there to disprove it.

I want for people to be held accountable to the full extent when they do something untoward or vulgar. And I don't particularly care who it is. Democrat, republican, Hollywood elite on either side of that aisle, sports star, musician, or even the President of the United States. But due process should still be something at least available to anyone who is accused.

We begin to run down that proverbial slippery slope without due process since with all of the "popularity" of accusation in high profile circumstances, this could easily trickle down to the regular folks like you and I.

What is to stop a subordinate, for example, of simply telling someone higher in the echelon that you touched inappropriately? And what's to stop that company you work for of making a decision to fire you based solely on the accusation, regardless of whether or not there is proof to back it up?

People's lives and careers can easily be ruined. Something that is fair in the event that the accusations are true. But if there is no recourse for the accused to defend him or herself, and is only left to suffer the fallout of the accusation without due process, what kind of a world do we become? What kind of a society do we become? And just like how the left has virtually stymied the impact of real racism, before you know it the seriousness and impact of victims of sexual abuse and harassment becomes equally stymied.

Make Small, Local Business Your Valentine

WITH VALENTINES DAY RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, and with Valentine's Day raking in roughly $20 billion a year, spreading the love is not just telling that special someone in your life how much they mean to you—but can and should, in my opinion, also be a time for some of that love to be showered onto small and local businesses.

Traditionally people will buy cards, flower arrangements, chocolates, and any number of other things. And many will even head out for a special Valentine dinner as well to top it all off.

It's not the top grossing holiday for retailers and restauranteurs, but with $20 billion to go around, there's still quite a lot they can gain from lovers around the country trying to give their special someone something, well...


This Valentine's Day perhaps consider using your local florist instead of opting for one of the big-boys like 1-800-Flowers or Bouqs. If your opting for something sweet, there are probably many small, local candy makers and bakeries who can whip up something special for your significant other.When I lived in Milwaukee, for example, I frequently went to Burke Candy for some delectable chocolate goodness. I'd also buy very nice and affordable gift baskets from the local West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shop instead of opting for other, bigger company options. And depending on where you live, there are always some great choices for stand-alone restaurants to avoid the bigger chains like Ruby Tuesday, Outback, Olive Garden, and the usual common fare there.

The main point here is that whenever possible I try to spread some of the love, and of course some of the money, to small and local business. In so many ways we benefit much more in our communities when we do this—and even beyond the holidays. More of the money we spend stays local and directly benefits the very communities in which we live. And sometimes nothing says love more than taking just a little bit of money from the pockets of the big-boxes. Not that I have anything against big business mind you. But since small business is the real giant when it comes to producing jobs in this country, it's a place you should want to spend your money to help to keep them alive, growing, and prospering.