Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Biden Visits The Detroit Wasteland

It's a trap. That is, the unions. But Vice President Biden won't tell you that. Neither will Obama, or the entire democratic party. Because they don't want people to catch on. The truth is that Detroit us a wasteland in part due to unions who sought to siphon every penny they possibly could out of companies from wages, to benefits, to pensions and beyond.

Did anyone care to look at a balance sheet? Of course not. That would tell the real story about how much money a company could afford to pay its workers. And it would not fit the narrative that the unions wanted the workers to hear.

Companies are bad. CEOs are evil. Workers need protection from bad and evil and the unions will come to their rescue.

But they didn't, and that's the point. And one that so many workers missed then, and continue to miss today. When they think about the jobs they had that went away, they don't put the blame on the unions who essentially took those jobs away by making unreasonable and unfounded demands for more money that simply wasn't there to give. They blame it on the companies and the executives who had to make tough decisions according to what was best for the company to keep their doors open at some level.

That means shuttering some doors, and letting workers go. It is simple business. And it was the unions who caused this, and even the workers themselves. But again, that's not the story anyone will hear nor pay attention to.

So Biden made a trip to Detroit this past Labor Day to speak with workers in the wasteland, and what did he tell them? You deserve more. Forget the wasteland around you, toppled by insane demands and union work rules that made it nearly impossible for the companies to operate. Forget that in right to work states people have jobs, get paid well, and are doing well. No, workers deserve more.

But the proof that simply demanding more doesn't work doesn't matter anymore than the proof that higher taxes do not increase government revenues. They will go on and beating the dead horse until there is nothing left but dependents who will need the democrats to feed them, clothe them, and now take care of all of their medical needs.

Wake up America. Wake up workers. Let's figure out what "fair" really means instead of trying to make up a hogwash definition of it on our own.

Image is mine from my private collection © 2014

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Never Easy To Say Goodbye

Sneaky Bop
This morning I had to bury our dear friend and companion, Sneakers, affectionately known as Sneaky Bop, The Bop, The Bopster, and just simply Sneaky. It is never an easy thing to lose a family pet. After all, being with us every day and night, day in and day out, it is easy for them to carve out a very special place in one's heart, and make an indelible impression.

She was 16 years old, and while her passing still comes way too soon for us, we feel happy that she had a great and full life. She was very much loved, and will be very much missed.

I used to get irritated when she would sit beside me and beg as I ate. Now I will long to have that little set of green eyes staring up at me wantingly, her sweet meow, and when I wasn't offering some food, a few taps of her paw on the side of my leg.

Rest in peace Sneaky. We will miss you dearly.


RIP Sneaky Bop
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Risqué Photos

Image is from Pixabay

One thing is true if you write online at all, you know that the image you choose for your work is probably just as important as the title and the text that follows. Which brings me to a picture I found while perusing Pixabay's offerings at the Bubblews website.
Obviously the picture depicts a naked girl lying on her side. But what I found interesting and shocking all at the same time was that in the lower regions, there was not a lot left to the imagination. The picture revealed a lot more than I thought it would.
Or that would certainly not be allowed on Bubblews, even though the site clearly allows Pixabay images, and this one came up within the Bubblews Pixabay photo search.
Of course, using the image here is perfectly fine. The site is mine. I essentially make the rules, with some exceptions being that the overall platform is still owned by Google, and I have AdSense to think about.
So at the end of the day when it comes to images, and whatever site you happen to be using them for, consideration of the rules of the site, and the nature of the audience should always be considered first and foremost. As SimeyC at Bubblews put it in his article Picture Choice: Use Common Sense it just makes sense.

Free Images

There are a couple of places I like to use for royalty free photos. Mostly those would be Morguefile and Pixabay. But I also enjoy taking photos quite a lot, and decided a while back to post some of them to another blog, Springboard Images, and make them available free to use for anyone who writes blogs, posts articles on HubPages, Bubblews, or any other place one may seem fit to use them.

My only requirement, which is a simple one, is that the image credit be acknowledged. Seems to be win, win.

Granted, I don't have a lot of photos posted there, and unfortunately I have not found a way to offer a search function to more easily find photos one might be needing for their work. But I do encourage anyone looking for a few other public photos to take a quick peek and see if anything interests you.


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Friday, August 22, 2014

One For The Morning Barker

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I can't tell you how many times I get pestered by the incessant and unrelenting morning barker before I have finished my first cup of very important morning coffee. I mean come on, man! My brain is not working without a hefty dose of caffeine coursing my veins, and of course my bloodshot eyes and that pulsing vein in the middle of my forehead should serve as enough warning that speaking to me at this critical time is almost unthinkable.
What is that old saying? You can't fix stupid. Or as a someone recently shared on Facebook, you don't want to try to reason with stupid people. We are not jackass whisperers after all.
So low and behold I found this sarcastic coffee mug on none other than Zazzle that I think would do a very good service to get my point across to these morning barkers. Let me finish my damn cup will you already?
I don't know. Think it will work? Perhaps unless the barker also happens to be illiterate.