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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The News Will Claim American Express As An Example of Trump Failure

THE MEDIA HAS BEEN NEARLY ALL BUT SILENT IN REPORTING THOSE MULTITUDES OF COMPANIES WHO HAVE REPORTED EMPLOYEE BONUSES AND WAGE INCREASES DUE TO THE TRUMP TAX CUTS. But you can bet there is one story that will make their news all day, and probably for a week or more, and that's American Express announcing that due to a $2.6 billion increased charge in taxes due to the Trump tax cuts, they will be suspending their share buyback program.

I say this even though in the eyes of liberals those share buybacks are just for the greedy shareholders anyway—that's not why they'll hit this one full force.

It's a negative story in their eyes, and they'll want to point this out as the leading example that they are right and the GOP is wrong that the tax cuts will benefit anyone. Even though STILL American Express has also said that they feel the tax cuts are a benefit in the long term, good for the company, and good for America.

The news media will assuredly leave that part out, or not highlight it nearly as much. It's what they always do.

Just another reason to make sure that when you are following any news source, it is not the only news source. And you also have to make sure to cut through the smoke to get to the real truth of the matter. Why is American Express incurring the extra charges? In a nutshell it is related to how they were dealing with accounting under the old tax laws—and as a result their capital ratios changed.

What else will not be reported? Invariably and assuredly the fact that they will also be making incremental contributions to their employee profit sharing plans to adjust for the differences. In other words...

American Express is eating the expense and NOT putting the burden on the backs of the people who work for them.

There is really nothing at all negative about this story at all. No one is getting hurt. Not really. But I bet you the news will not tell you that. I'd be willing to wager a bet in fact. Just watch, wait, and see. It'll be all they can talk about and point to when they get their panels gathered to talk about the evil corporations and the "Armageddon" Nancy Pelosi warned us about.

Trump Is NOT An Idiot!

IN NO WAY IS MY INTENT TO BE COMBATIVE HERE, FOLKS. But as I troll around the Internet in the usual places like Twitter and Facebook, there is just the annoying assertion by a good number of people, and on both sides of the aisle (with the bulk of it of course pouring in mostly from the left and the lamestream media) that somehow President Donald J. Trump is an idiot.

This, folks, cannot be farther from the truth.

Look, I have said multiple times that I do wish our president would tone down his Twitter antics a bit. But I have also said that the person Donald Trump is today is the same Donald Trump he was before he became President of the United States.

The thing here that needs to be pointed out, that gets sorely missed by many making this assertion, are the multitude of accomplishments this president has achieved and to point out that what he has done in his first year in office is actually rather historical. If you think it's just the economy he has done well with, you're just not paying close enough attention to what's actually happening in our government, and with this current administration.

He's an idiot? He's not a leader? Really? What planet are you living on?

Now, don't get mad at me for being so blunt here. Just read on and hear me out. Because I think it is important for you to be more than aware of why I think that President Trump is not only not an idiot, but is also a strong leader. Because the truth is that there is more than enough that is positive that's happening in the White House, and unless you are tuned into Fox News, you aren't going to hear the half of it.

  • Border crossings are down 70% since Donald Trump took office.
  • MS-13 gangs are under heavy fire from the Justice Department.
  • Deportations of illegal aliens is on the rice, and law enforcement officials in ICE and Border Patrol have been strengthened.
Even if we don't have good immigration reform right now, the fact is that more is being done than has been done in many, many years and across many past administrations to simply enforce existing laws on the books. This should make throngs of American citizens, including legal immigrants, very happy. This means less crime, less drugs entering the country, less burden on the American taxpayer for welfare and other benefits some illegals receive, and more jobs available for legal citizens across the country.
  • ISIS has been seriously depleted in their numbers.
  • Citizens of Iran are making an uprising in their country with the full support of the administration, and sanctions are WORKING.
  • North Korea is quieting down at least a LITTLE BIT, and have even reached out to South Korea in a way they have not before. I think Kim Jong Un is getting the message it might be better not to mess with the U.S. Something they would not have considered in the past administration.
The truth is we have actually seen some stability forming in the Middle East. When you reduce the power of ISIS and build coalitions with other Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, it puts more pressure on the bad actors in that region to reconsider what they are doing, and it also empowers the people to push back harder against bad regimes and terrorist groups who make want only to maintain unrest and make the average citizen's lives miserable.

I am not going to say that North Korea having a small part in the Olympics is any sign that Rocket Man still does not have a strong desire to lob missiles and strut his "might" wherever he can. But it is a start. It is also something I am not certain we would have seen had Hillary Clinton won the election.

Now you might have noticed I have said nothing at all so far about the economy. Why? Because it is the obvious accomplishment—even if even that is seriously under reported by the lamestream media. But clearly you have historic lows in both Hispanic and black unemployment, more and more jobs being created, repatriation of overseas money, bonuses and wage increases, and of course an exploding stock market.

And everything I have mentioned herein is just a small slice of what he's accomplished. The bottom line is that if you think that Trump is an idiot or not a leader, you may want to consider your own intelligence and perhaps schedule a psychiatric exam rather quickly. Your mental health may be in jeopardy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

20 Year Old Mega Millions Winner


He's just 20 years old! He chose to take the lump sum which amounted to about $282 million. 

But there you have it. You just never know who is going to win or where, and it matters little how long they have been playing, and in the case of many lottery winners, whether they play at all until they hit the big one.

How many times have you heard a winner say, "I never played before, but something told me to buy a ticket this time."


Still, and I know it's as cliché as clichés come, somebody has to win. As I am a realist by nature, just based on the odds, I am practical in my thinking that perhaps no matter how often I play, or where I buy my tickets—I will probably never see a jackpot.

It's funny little mind games you play sometimes too. For example, I travel into several other states for my job. And so I can buy tickets in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kansas quite often. Sometimes I think to myself, "Wow, this kind of increases my odds." In fact, about a year ago or so I had to travel to Fort Wayne, Indiana on business, and the jackpot of whichever multi-state lottery was kind of up there, and one of the town I passed through and did buy a ticket wound up being where the thing was won...


Granted, the store where the ticket was bought was also a different store, so while it was close, in reality it really wasn't. But in my mind? There was the chance.

I am happy for Shane Missler. From what he has said he is doing to manage the money, and what he wants to do with the money, maybe he will come out as one of the ones who didn't squander it all away in short time. That is always the tragedy of big lottery wins—sometimes the winners lose it all.

Either way, both the PowerBall and the Mega Millions have essentially reset. I will still play. I can't help myself. And hopefully one day I can be posting about my own big win. Only time will tell. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Convenience And Luxury: Know the Difference

LET'S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT. LUXURY AND CONVENIENCE ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Whatever do I mean? Look, there are so many people I know who confuse these two things, and it costs them an enormous amount of money.

You decide to go out and do some shopping for the day. You leave the house and somewhere in the process of shopping you decide you are thirsty. You stop at the local gas station and buy a bottle of Coke to satiate your thirst..


You might argue that you make enough money, and that you have enough money, and due to that fact alone, being able to buy that bottle of Coke while your out shopping is part of the luxury of having a supportive income.

But it is NOT a luxury. It is a convenience.

LET'S PUT THIS ANOTHER WAY. You go on a road trip and you know you are going to want to buy some bottled water somewhere along the way. You leave the house with 24 bottles of water in the refrigerator, but take none with you on the trip. You stop to fill up for gas and buy a bottle of water.

Is this luxury or convenience? IT IS CONVENIENCE.

Why is it convenience? In part because you decided to leave behind perfectly good and already bought and paid for water to avoid having to take it along. It is convenient that in the event you want that water despite that, someone will have it readily available.

In a way you could equate the logic to going on a vacation out of town. Do you opt to pack clothes you already have for the trip? Or do you opt to just buy those clothes as you need them while on the trip?

Let's put this yet ANOTHER way.

You get home from work and you simply do not feel like cooking dinner. You decide either to order out or go out to a restaurant. It's not that you do not have food available to cook in the cupboard or freezer. And it's not like you don't have the time or the ability to cook dinner. You just don't feel like it. This is a convenience.

So when is it a luxury if you decide to eat out or order in? When you decide to treat yourself to something special.

The long and short of it all is that when you start to break things down, the more you opt for convenience, the less you will be able to afford for luxury. Convenience costs the most even if luxuries are expensive since luxuries are partaken of, theoretically, less often than conveniences.

Drink cheap coffee Monday through Friday, and you may find you will have no problem treating yourself to something special on Saturday and Sunday. And because you have played your money right doing so, affording the luxury of doing so will not cost you as much.

I scrimp on the less important things so I can better afford the more important things.

What makes things worse for a good many people is they opt for both convenience and luxury. And at the end of the day when they look at their bank account what they find is...


And more often than not, they have debt which they have created as a result, and a lack of savings to speak of. It's really a conundrum. But one that, when  you know what the difference is, is entirely avoidable...

And who wants to splurge on an easy bottle of Coke when you can do so much more if you didn't?

Friday, January 12, 2018

From Shitholes to DACA

THE DEMOCRATS WILL OBVIOUSLY STOP AT NOTHING TO TRY TO DENIGRATE AND DENOUNCE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. And the latest accusation made against President Donald Trump that, in talks over DACA, referred to some foreign nations as shitholes is just another glaring example of this.

Whether or not the statement was actually made, to my mind, is not necessarily the issue. Granted, it is a bit of a poor statement to make. But, if you are thinking of it in more realistic terms, is it really that far from the truth?

The people of these countries, if the statement was made, is not what the president probably was referring to in any event. If the statement was made, it was more of a direct statement against the governments of these countries which defile their populace, and place their lives into chaos such that they potentially become less than desirable in their attitudes, and potentially even their impact in other communities in which they may become a part...


Is it really racist to make such a statement? I don't think so. It merely points out the obvious in more ways than one. And what about the situation in, for example, Muslim countries. Are these people products of their environments? Their upbringing? Their religious and government leaders?


And so their attitudes toward life, liberty, economic status, societal contribution and any number of other things is influenced by the attitudes of their leaders, and the conditions in which they live in their own countries. If we make a statement about this it is not a racist statement. It is a simple observation of what are largely verifiable facts.

Democrat senator Dick Durbin of Illinois made remarks that he couldn't believe such racist and vile remarks had ever come from the Oval Office at any time in America's past history. But the reality is that there have been well documented reports of rather racist remarks made by even Lyndon B. Johnson. And certainly there had to have been rather colorful language even in the early days of the Office of the President, such as before the Civil War—granted, those were different times and this is now 2018.

But one can imagine what may have been more than a few comments during the Civil Rights Movement.


The real reason the dems are launching, yet again, attacks against the president is because—and people should FINALLY be getting around to understanding this—trying to paint a narrative that the president is racist, vulgar, unfit, and even mentally unstable. None of which are particularly true. They so badly want this to be the reality that they will go to every length to make it seem apparent.

DO I APPRECIATE IT IF THE PRESIDENT ACTUALLY SAID THIS? Like I said before I think if he did, it was a very poor choice of words, even if I believe the underlying point of that statement would have some truth to it. Do I think it ultimately matters if he said it?

Look, if we weren't concerned over the content of the emails between Clinton and her cohorts which were actually downright mean, and if we weren't concerned with the events of Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, or four dead Americans in Benghazi, and all of the events leading up to those events which actually harmed people, I think the entire narrative trying to be forced down our throats about this are made moot.

The president is working with highly combative and uncooperative democrats who have no other desire but to discredit and disparage the president at every opportunity. In the DACA talks I would be absolutely shocked to learn that dems were not engaged, in some form or fashion, in making every effort to lead the president into a snare just so that they could come back afterwards and make a public stink about the effect without reporting the cause.

What's more, perhaps even if the statement was not made in the manner in which it has been implied, the question is still a good one. Yes. Exactly. If they, the democrats, are so determined and adamant that these people deserve to be here and stay here, tell us why. Drop the rhetoric and touchy-feely garbage and actually come up with a compelling reason in favor of their argument that we should have a different thought about the program, the people, and the benefits or lack thereof of the whole thing.

Really, at some point the democrats need to just move on, get back to the work of the American people as the president is trying to do—and quite frankly just grow the fuck up. Their temper tantrum has gone on long enough and it is getting more than a little old—and quite frankly is terribly distracting.

Something, however, tells me that the democratic party, still not able to fully comprehend their dramatic loss in 2016, is incapable of being the adult in the room.