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Saturday, August 14, 2010

President Obama Is Not My President

On nearly all of the issues, I strongly disagree with President Obama. That said, I'd like to think I've also been fair to him when I felt it was necessary to do so. I made one point very clear in a recent hub I wrote, "Conservatives Should Not Be Bashers," that reality is key. Fairness is essential. Bashing is pointless. I was speaking mainly on the BP oil spill and how Americans seemed to be of the idea that the president had a magic wand somewhere he could wave and make the whole disaster disappear.

He didn't, and he couldn't.

In the hub, I pointed out that it was unfair to blame former President Bush for all of the woes of hurricane Katrina just the same as it was unfair to blame President Obama for all of the woes of the BP oil spill. Bush didn't get it all wrong when it came to the Katrina situation, though he made many mistakes. But neither did President Obama get it all wrong when it came to the oil spill. And yes, I think we can all agree he made many mistakes.

The point is that regardless of who is in the White House, and regardless what my political leanings happen to be, I do my best to view each issue on the merits. It is not impossible, in my mind, for a democrat to be right any more than it is not impossible for a republican to be wrong.

The recent announcement by President Obama that he supports the mosque at Ground Zero being built, however, is something I simply cannot live with. For me, it's the last straw. It is a huge insult to the people of this country, the people who died on September 11, 2001, and I can't for the life of me understand how this could be acceptable to anyone. Especially the President of the United States.

In case anyone is not clear on the matter, our country was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001. They flew airliners into the World Trade Center. They flew an airline into the Pentagon. And had they succeeded, United Airlines flight 93 would likely have crashed into the White House. This was clearly an act of war, irregardless whether or not it was a sovereign nation who flew those planes into our buildings or the 19 terrorists who did.

The idea that any sitting president would not see the insensitive nature of building a mosque on what is now hallowed ground in this country is deplorable. The fact that President Obama did not instead voice outrage for even the suggestion that we build a mosque at Ground Zero is almost unbelievable.

It isn't enough apparently, that throughout this president's time in office he has repeatedly bowed to the world, and apologized for this great land. It isn't enough that Michelle Obama made comments before President Obama was sworn in that she wasn't proud of her country. Now he has quite literally turned his back on the 2,976 Americans who lost their lives on that awful morning, and has as well turned his back on the 4,414 American soldiers who have died in Iraq. The president has turned his back on the 1,149 Anericans who have died in Afghanistan.

People have called for the impeachment of President Obama many times over the last nearly two years of his presidency, and I've called them off-base and out of line. I've defended that while I disagree with the president and his policies, I still support the office, and respect the office, and fully realize that irregardless of my opinion, President Obama is still the president. You could have hated former President Bush to the core, but he was still the president.

My opinion has changed. I now feel that President Obama is not fit to be president. He has simply turned his back on this country one time too many, and honoring—for whatever purpose—a religious group who is in any way connected to the terrorist group that launched an attack against the United States is abhorrent, and an impossible pill to swallow. Never before have I seen a president who is as unpresidential as President Obama is. Never before did I ever think that we would see the day that a sitting president would honor our enemies, who would not stand tall in the face of this mosque being built and say clearly to Al Qaeda and the Muslim community, "This is not a war against Islam. This is a war against radical Islam. This is not a war against a people. This is a war against terrorists. This mosque will not be built, and will not in any way serve as a symbol of victory for our enemies. Not in my country. Not on my watch."

Mr. President, if you thought that Guantanamo Bay was a recruitment tool for terrorists, what exactly do you think a mosque being built in the very place where Muslim terrorists attacked our country will serve as?

President Obama is not my president. I cannot, and will not support him. This is just too big to ignore. For the good of this country, it is my firm hope that the rest of America cannot accept this either. It is my opinion the president should resign. He is clearly a traitor, and not patriotic as a president of our nation should be. I'll go as far as to say that President Obama is a disgrace to the office, and a disgrace to the United States of America.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

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The title I chose for a recent hub I wrote about tax cheats in government wasn't exactly that phrase. But it's as close as you can get to, "Show Me Yours, And I'll Show You Mine," without running into duplication problems. The thing I found funny was the sudden surge in my hit-rate on this hub in particular. Seems that when you offer up such a title, people are bound to be looking for...

Well, let's just say, something else.

The title alone bringing unsuspecting seekers of that something else doesn't necessarily translate into any additional click-throughs on the Google Adsense part (at least it hasn't yet), but it is still an interesting thing to me. Perhaps as well as lesson and an exercise?

I say the latter because what if I did provide just a little subtlety of the something else. How could that translate into more traffic and a higher click-through rate? I've seen before where a provocative title can bring in some additional readers (ar at least lookers). But this one surging in particular is more interesting as a whole.

I just hope the actual subject matter wasn't too disappointing. I hate to leave anyone feeling let down.