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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Look Out, The Bunnies Are Stoned!

When it comes to the issue of the legalization of marijuana I tend to be one of those conservatives who actually comes down on the side of the legalization proponents. Why? For me it is quite simple.

All of the laws to curb the use of marijuana has simply created a black market, and pot is in as much demand as it ever was before.

Just like prohibition did not stop the sale, distribution, and use of alcohol, drug laws will not stop the sale, distribution, or use of marijuana. If people want to use marijuana, nothing is going to stop them from doing it.

Still, there are a ton of people out there who will go to any length to make a case against the legalization of marijuana, and just a few of those arguments are going to make one very telling suggestion.

They were toking before they made their argument!

Enter Matt Fairbanks, a DEA agent in Utah's "marijuana eradication team" who sat before a state Senate panel and actually made the suggestion that...

Are you ready for it?

If edible medical marijuana is legalized in the state of Utah, rabbits could become addicted to pot, lose their natural instincts, and sit around all day getting high.

Being a stock market guy, this is fantastic news actually. Imagine the shares of any stock of carrot chip makers going through the roof since there will now be a massive influx of high bunnies looking to cure a case of the munchies!

Start buying now.

Somehow I don't see the crux of the argument. And why just the bunnies? Surely there will be high grasshoppers, crickets, and maybe even some high locusts somewhere munching on the leaves of cannabis plants and getting high. Why single out the bunnies?

There is that thought that comes to mind sometimes that some people simply begin to "clutch at straws." This is what I think of this particular argument. High bunnies? Really? I mean, really?

Is that all you've got?

Forget destruction of families, deaths on the road due to high drivers, machinery injuries from industrial workers coming into work high, or any other argument that might just have an iota of legitimacy to it.

Besides the fact that we are talking about medical marijuana, not recreational marijuana.

I said I was on the side of the legalization proponents. That does not mean that I discount the real dangers of more open sale of marijuana anymore than alcohol has its problems. But I can assure you that if I wanted to make an argument against any legalization of marijuana, it's not going to be by going before a government body and saying that bunnies will get high.

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