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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All American Labor Day

Let's be real here, shall we? Part of the reason that the American economy continues to be in the doldrums is because we are still not fully aware of the positive impact of buying small, buying local, and buying American. So here is what I think we should be focusing on this Labor Day in 2015. As barbeques and parties will be all the "thing" to do, our tables and our parties should be littered with American made goods, and with local produce, local brews, and American fare all the way, to the extent we possibly can. Believe it or not, but the impact of spending on small, local, and American is huge in the grander scheme of things.

Let's start with cheese. Why not find a local cheese shop to supply the cheese for your big Labor Day party. I will recommend the West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shop for any cheese needs for your big party day, or sausage, sauerkraut, or whatever else might be your fancy. Barring that, find a store near you that sells great cheese but is not a big chain. Around where I live currently there is nothing other than The Cheesekeeper, a fantastic shop with knowledgeable and friendly operators who always get the job done right.

Onto the meat. Find a local shop that does meat the right way. They are everywhere, you just have to look. But buying from them is always better than buying from the big grocery chains, especially if they happen to be the big national ones. Back home in West Allis I always loved the great service and great quality of meats offered by Rupena's Fine Foods. Currently there are two very small and very local shops I buy my meats from. Schneider's Quality Meats in Waterloo, IL, and B&D Meats in Freeburg, IL. The point is that these kinds of places exist, and all you have to do is look for them. B&D is actually a bit of an adventure. It is in the middle of nowhere, and to get there you have to drive on a very desolate rock road to arrive. Their service is excellent, their prices are reasonable, and they are helpful and friendly. Even if there is a slight premium to their goods, I am willing to pay because helping small and local business happens to be very important to me. I want places like Rupena's and B&D to be around to provide an alternative to the Schnuck's, Shop and Saves, Krogers, and Pick 'N Saves of the world.

Oh yeah. And Walmart.

Want a great dessert to serve your party guests? Why not try a small and local bakery? Around my part of the world that would be none other than Eckert's. Not only do they have great desserts, but fine produce, some quality meats, and many other delectable little treats. It's pricey. But it is also worth it.

How about an all American brew? Where I live there is Schlafly, but of course Samuel Adams happens to be the last, largest, truly American company that brews beer these days. Why not have a few of their brews in the cooler for your guests?

As for what you will cook this great American fare on? Why not take a look at the Made in USA lines offered by Huntington Gas Grills which happen to be readily available through another great American company that often has American made goods on their shelves, Menard's.

This Labor Day I say be it plates, plastic ware, food, or brews, the more you can make it all American and all local, the more you will do for your community, the economy, American jobs, small business, and the more hurt you can put on the big box stores and major national chains. Making America great again is about Americans realizing what is important, restoring competition, and keeping the little guy in a position to give the bigger guys a run for their money.

Does it cost more? Sometimes. Yes. But the real cost is not in what you pay today. It is in what you pay in what the big wants from you because the little guys are not in the game to offer an alternative. This Labor Day think local. Think small. And think American.

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