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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Jeb Bush Coffin Nail?

Jeb Bush likes to call the desk in the Oval Office the Big Boy Desk. It's a term that actually grates me a bit since, in its own way, it simply feels like it's a bit pompous, and serves to belittle not only the other candidates on the stage, but the American people as well.

Granted, all of the candidates have their way of using certain phraseology that serves to belittle under the radar. Donald Trump of course interestingly feels no need to hide it. But considering where Jeb Bush stands in the presidential race, and what I think is a clear sense of entitlement that he should be, if not the nominee, certainly the next president, coming from him it sort of sounds to me more like (choose your favorite crybaby voice), "I'm 'posed to be president, wa-wa-wa. It's my turn! My turn, my turn, wa-wa-wa!"

So this latest little turn of events, which I find absolutely hilarious on it's merits, that Trump bought Jeb's campaign website after Bush failed to renew it—no small detail by the way when you want to be president in the Internet age—says one thing to me. A Big Boy would have paid attention to such an important detail.

Of course, Bush will say it's not his fault. He'll say that he left the management of his website to someone else. And in the grander scheme of things that's probably true of all of the candidates. I am not going to chide Bush for this little tidbit. But at the end of the day while delegation of tasks is the nature of the beast, and a tenet of leadership, delegation does not mean total separation. Part of delegation is monitoring closely to make sure that those who tasks are delegated to are actually getting them done.

As president, with lives and livelihoods at stake through decision making and policy, this would seem to me to be pretty damn important.

Do we want a president to be removed from pieces and parts of the process? Do we want a president who, in the light of a certain turn of events might sit before the American people in a Kenneth Lay/Jeffrey Skilling sort of way, "I'm just the CEO, I have no way of knowing what is going on in my company."

As for Trump buying Bush's website, I think it does tell us one thing. The details. How engaged is Trump in the campaign? He's focused. He's got people in place to really nail down the details he needs to know in order to keep his campaign on focus. Bush might tell you that the campaign trail is grueling and tiring, and it therefore may be easy to miss such a thing as a website renewal. But then how would Trump not miss it?

At the end of the day I think Jeb Bush is simply making it all too clear to the American people that he does not want to be president for the good the country. He does not want to be president because he wants to fix a broken country. He simply wants to be president because he wants to make his daddy and big brother proud of him. Jeb Bush is not a failure by any stretch of the imagination. But it seems to me, in a very childish sort of way, Jeb feels like he's the one Bush in the Big Boy House that hasn't risen to the highest office in the land—and that leaves him, in his own mind, as a failure. The one at the Thanksgiving dinner table in the Bush house that will always be the other Bush.

That's not a reason to be president.

I think Jeb Bush needs to simply concede that even in a legacy family like the Bush's, not everyone can be president. His numbers don't indicate he's got a chance in hell of even winning the nomination. He needs to drop out of the race and let the others have more time to get their message to the American people.

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