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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Castle Not So Far Away

Truth is, who doesn't want to be famous? I mean, we all want at least our fifteen minutes of fame, right? And once this wonderful world we call the Internet opened wide up, suddenly the prospect became more and more possible.

Maybe not to be totally famous the likes of household names like Jim Carrey or Jimmy Stewart...
Or Jimi Hendrix for that matter. But to at least hold a piece of the pie. We can write. We can publish music. We can make videos and post them onto YouTube hoping to latch onto the coveted "viral video" that somehow makes its way to shows like Tosh.O.

Why do I post my cover songs and originals to the Internet, and write about them here? Why NOT? It's my fifteen minutes of fame. It's a fulfillment of a long held secret desire to be a beloved rock star, adorned by fans, and having women pass out at my very presence before them.

And I want that castle. The one in the picture. A few covers and posts about it away, hey? A few songs written about hey? It's in the cards. It is within reach. It's not such a crazy dream is it?

Okay, it is. I'll admit. I am also a realist you know. But what the heck have I to lose by putting myself before the masses, getting just a few pennies, a few minutes of fame, maybe having some young, gorgeous adoring fan pass out before her computer at the stroke of the first note...

Here's my Coldplay cover of "Don't Panic." Enjoy, and allow me my moment.

This really has been a weird post hasn't it? Definitely outside the realm of money, politics, or any other serious thought. No matter. Onward and upward and I shall you all on the other side. Hopefully from the topmost bedroom of one of the turrets in my new castle no less.

Photo credit: Image is from Pixabay

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