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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Not So Dead Celebs

Perhaps it's just me, but I don't quite understand the fascination of some people to post celebrity death hoax posts. I mean, I get it in some way. The Internet is a place that is driven by content, and these days much of that content equals some form of a payday. Practically everyone who plays on the Internet has at least some sort of blog—or is operating in some other revenue sharing circles from YouTube to places like HubPages, Daily Two Cents, and Elitevisitors just to name a few.

Even if there is no money involved, some people are just fascinated by the number of people who may simply like them, or share something they post such as is the case with Facebook and Twitter.

So in that way I get what the underlying motivation is to post about a celebrity's untimely demise. Still, I also find it to be a bit morbid of a fascination. To me death is no laughing matter no matter who it is.

The latest victim of such a hoax was of course Ricky Martin who recently posted a picture of himself on Twitter in which he titled Sunset in Heaven, letting his fans know that he is indeed still alive and kicking...

Well he is. His career may be another matter.

Which leads me to another bit of a thought on this whole trend of celebrity death hoaxes. I sometimes wonder if some of the motivation is to take someone like a Ricky Martin, whose career has clearly gone on the skids a bit, and at least get people talking about them again. In other words, are there sometimes PR staffs involved in this sort of thing?

Either way, it is still something I find disturbing, and it happens to be a trend I wish would just go away. The death of the celebrity death hoax post would be the one death post I'd like to be true.

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