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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Buffet At The Wynn in Las Vegas

I'll admit that the buffet at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada is a bit pricey at nearly $40. Though, I have to say it is one of the better buffets I have had to date. If you happen to be visiting in Las Vegas, a trip to the Wynn for their buffet is a must-do to be sure.

Each station was a practical gourmet lover's dream. The buffet had everything. Red snapper, mahi mahi tuna, salmon, crab legs, peeled, ready to eat shrimp. There were lamb chops, cooked the way you like them, and prime rib that was ever so tender and juicy. Braised lamb, braised veal, fabulous thinly cut pork chops that were just amazing.

Even the vegetables were to die for. Specifically, the grilled asparagus was absolutely mouth-watering and fantastic. And of course, the waitstaff was very helpful, attentive and courteous as well. I don't usually generally feel a need to tip at a buffet, but the service here was exemplary to be sure.

The casino at the Wynn is beautiful as well, though for me, gambling there was not something I was entirely interested in. Call me cheap, but I like an abundance of penny slots. I'm not in Las Vegas to make money, I'm just there to have fun, and the machines at the Wynn seem to take money a bit more quickly than the other casinos, and they have less penny slots.

All in all an experience well worth it at the Wynn.

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