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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Obama administration and all of its cronies are a lot that never cease to cause me to scratch and my head and utter, "huh?" The suing of Arizona over its immigration law is just another one of those occassions. I just don't get it. We have an epidemic problem in this country with illegal immigrants entering, and there are even parts of Arizona where Americans are asked to refrain from visiting due to high incidence of Mexican border crossing and drug activity.

Where does it end, I wonder? Isn't the government, isn't the president, supposed to be in the business of protecting America and her citizens?

The fact that this is not what's happening just confirms my thinking that the federal government is run by idiots. There can be no other explanation for what they are doing. With such problems the federal government should be applauding Jan Brewer and Arizona for doing what the feds ought to be able to do. Not suing them.

Furthermore, I hope that the courts at least affirm once and for all that the Arizona law practically mirrors the federal law already on the books. Wouldn't it be just perfect if the judge looked at Holder and said, "If you are going to sue Arizona, you may as well sue yourself. The Arizona law is nearly a Xerox copy."

As for Mexico getting in on the action and taking up issue with Arizona, what business does Mexico have dealing with immigration issues in the United States. Especially when Mexico is a big part of the problem?

On this issue, along with so many others, there is simply no leadership here. Nor is there any common sense. It's something we cannot hope for so long as Barack Obama is the president. The only hope we have until 2012 at this point, is that we can change the power in both the House and the Senate via the mid-term elections, and put an effective stop on any more nonsense by this crazy administration's antics.


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