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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

President Obama Firing of McChrystal The Right Choice

When a shoe was thrown at former President Bush, I thought it was an outrageous event. I even scoffed a little bit when many Americans found it more humorous than insulting. Of course, the event did have funny undertone to it. The trouble for me was that the whole event should have also caused a great deal of disconcertment for the fact that it wasn't just President Bush who had a shoe thrown at him—the very office of the President of the United States had been disrespected.

The office still commands our respect as Americans, regardless of who sits in it.

With that in mind, I think the recent firing of Gen. McChrystal over comments he made to a Rolling Stone reporter is the right thing to do, despite whether or not Gen. McChrystal also happens to be the right man for the job in Afghanistan.

President Obama, love him or hate him, is the president. He is the Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces, and as such, the military has a duty to carry out the orders of the president, and to respect the office of the president. However unfortunate the timing may well be, the fact remains that a sitting general cannot publicly speak out against the president.

Granted, I've heard quite a few people remark, "He was just speaking his mind." And that is most certainly true. Still, what is said behind closed doors is one thing. To go public with remarks against the president or his administration is an absolute can't do.


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