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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today's Swimsuits: The Blog

Blogs are sometimes just simply hit or miss. It's just the nature of things. Either you don't have a topic that enough people will ultimately find interesting, or the layout is all wrong, or there is simply too much other competition out there making it virtually impossible to get anywhere.

And then there are swimsuits.

Of course, the only reason I ever visit Nelda Hoxie's blog, Today's Swimsuits, is for the articles. After all, Ms. Hoxie writes with detail and precision, and you can almost feel the fabric of the suit on your skin as you read along. I hardly ever notice that she also includes pictures of bikini clad women in each of her descriptive entries.


I have followed Nelda in a couple of different places, and that's really how I found her blog. But being that summer is right around the corner, I like what she has done with the blog, and of course enjoy the articles, I thought I would share.

If you have not yet visited Today's Swimsuits I encourage you to do so. Especially for the ladies who may be looking for just the perfect swimsuit to add to her ensemble for the coming warmer days ahead.

It is a blog worth reading, and I give Nelda Hoxie a two thumbs up hands down. It's fantastically done, and in all ways good. Pictures, descriptive content, and layout combined. It's just fantastic. I am actually quite envious.

I bet she is making a killing.

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